Not Your Typical TPA

At Fringe Benefit Group, our licensed Third-Party Administrator (TPA) services were born from a need to administer the unique products we’ve created to meet the needs and challenges of employers with a largely hourly and part-time workforce. We serve brokers, employers and employees with an integrated and proprietary suite of administrative services designed to make life easier.

Sure, we’ve got all the typical tools and support functionality that you would expect from a benefits administrator. But with The Contractors Plan and The American Worker, you get access to some amazing features and services you won’t find anywhere else. These include:

Single-Platform Integration
Imagine being able to administer all of your benefits through one streamlined platform: major medical, fixed indemnity/limited medical, dental, vision, specialty benefits, life, critical illness and more. With Fringe Benefit Group, everything is managed through one portal that’s easy for both employers and employees.

Hour Banking/ Reserve Accounting
Hour banking reduces accounting hassles by giving employers a per-hour rate for health coverage. It also allows employees to "bank" hours during peak work periods, and then use this reserve to maintain benefits coverage during slow periods and work stoppages.

Payroll Cycle Billing
At Fringe Benefit Group, we eliminate timing problems like collecting in advance of coverage or issuing refunds for partials. Our payroll cycle billing is customized to address the client needs of each situation, allowing employers to self-report on payroll frequency basis.

Loan Program Administration
Our one-of-a-kind loan program sets up retirement loans directly between the benefits plan and the employee. This takes the burden off employers, but still allows employees to have short-term access to their fringe benefit dollars while still accruing a balance and interest for future retirement.

Missed Premium Collection
We eliminate the need for payroll deductions for premiums not covered 100% by fringe or employer dollars. Employees can log in and stay 'on-benefit' through debit, credit card or ACH payment methods. 

And those are just the high points. Here’s the full laundry list:

    Participant Services:

  • Experienced bilingual call center staff located in Austin, TX
  • Medical benefit service and support
  • Retirement plan service and support
  • Retirement loan service and support
  • First-call resolution

    Health Operations:

  • Seamless integration with any payroll / HR system
  • Secure file and communication transfer options
  • Data eligibility management with premier benefit providers
  • Configurable ID card and fulfillment services
  • Hour Banking
  • Reserve Accounting
  • Billing, including:
    • Payroll cycle billing
    • Processing credit card payments
    • Direct billing
    • Automated list billing
    • Missed premium collection

    Claims Administration

  • Experienced claims management team
  • Self funded plans
  • Fully insured carrier back office
  • Dental and vision claims administration
  • Industry leading claims platform
  • Mobile application to view claims 24 x 7


  • Experienced client management team
  • Secure file upload and communications options
  • Loan Program Administration
  • Online and VRU (voice) client account access
  • Coverage and Discrimination Testing
  • Daily valuation of retirement accounts
  • Contribution and Distribution Processing (including all required federal and state income tax withholding and reporting)
  • Participant paper and eStatements
  • Trust Accounting

    Benefits Administration Web Platform

    • Employer
    • Health and Retirement platform integration
    • Secure upload functionality for employer contributions and payments
    • View / manage census and eligibility information
    • View / manage group demographic and enrollment data
    • View / create custom reports
    • Participant
    • Online enrollment
    • Call center enrollment
    • Single sign-on to Health and Retirement system
    • Pay missed premium via credit card
    • View / update plan benefits
    • Print eligibility card
    • Plan changes

    Compliance Services

  • Compliance reporting, including reports for:
    • The Davis-Bacon Act
    • The Service Contract Act
    • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Plan Design and Installation
  • Plan Documents
  • Compliance Testing
  • General plan consulting
  • Prevailing Wage consulting
  • Participant Services (toll-free participant telephone number)

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