Industry Unique Tools & Technology

Work stoppages? Employee turnover? Questions about employee eligibility? It’s all normal to us. At Fringe Benefit Group, we understand the special challenges of managing benefits for variable hour workers, and we’ve designed our tools and services to take the administrative hassle out of benefits plan management. Our proprietary solutions are built on our more than 30 years of tried and true experience, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Both The Contractors Plan (for government contractors working on prevailing wage jobs) and The American Worker (for hourly and part-time employees) offer single-source administration for all benefits. We track eligibility, receive all premiums and ensure that payments are correctly allocated. With Fringe Benefit Group, you can trust you’re in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

In addition to our enrollment and TPA services, we offer industry unique tools such as employee hour banking, which simplifies accounting by finding the per-hour rate for health coverage. This not only reduces the chance of overpayment of benefits, but also provides employees a way to “bank” hours to extending coverage during work stoppages. We use payroll cycle billing and can integrate seamlessly with any payroll processing systems. Our loan program allows employees to receive loans against their retirement accounts directly from the plan administrator, without requiring the employer to administer the loan. At Fringe Benefit Group, we’re always looking forward, creating specialty services designed specifically for the needs of variable hour employees.

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