Fringe Re: Partners in Risk

Since 2011, Fringe Benefit Group has operated Fringe Re, a reinsurance program that affords partnership with carriers in all aspects of risk. Fringe Re is a multi-cell captive based in Montana, where it is subject to domestic rules and oversight from the Department of Insurance. Our entity is established and immediately available, bringing flexibility in a variety of medical funding situations and offering partners a distinct speed-to-market advantage.

Today, Fringe Re is available solely for our carrier partners, but as insurance reform evolves, it could be used in any number of creative ways for reinsurance of our clients’ own policies, self-funded policies, etc.

As companies and carriers look to the future, Fringe Re distinguishes Fringe Benefit Group as a progressive leader. We demonstrate confidence today, and strive to create the best solutions for clients in the future.

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