Enrollment Made Simple

Enrolling variable hour employees across multiple job sites is a common challenge for employers, employees, brokers and HR professionals. In a misguided effort to “streamline” the process, far too many enrollment companies have only made the process more confusing and less approachable.

At Fringe Benefit Group, we’re not an enrollment company, but we’ve built a highly successful enrollment solution. We’ve enrolled thousands of companies with hundreds of thousands of participants, utilizing best practices to perfect the enrollment process. We create customized enrollment strategies to address the specific employee population, accounting for the number and type of hourly employees, the type of company or contract, the number of job sites and more.

    Our Enrollment Services Include:

  • Evaluating the specific needs of the employer
  • A fully staffed call center
  • An intuitive web portal
  • A full suite of messaging, including brochures, electronic communications and text messages
  • Teaming with our producers for on-site employee visits

By reaching employees at multiple touch points and giving them clear information and answers, we’ve created an accessible enrollment process that garners a hugely positive response from employers and employees alike.

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